Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moonlit Memories

Study of a Red Bird Through My Window

This series of photographic art with verse is an experiment. I know of someone who makes a living selling greeting cards that she designs. I just thought that I would try my hand, since I love making photographic art and writing poetry. I am new at these short verse styles, but I love them. I hope to get better before I even think of marketing some version of these cards. These are some of my new haiku, senryu and tanka.(Maybe I should say haiku-like, senryu-like and tanka-like.) Critiques welcome. Keep in mind that the verse was written for the image.

Mesmerized and Peeping Nervously

Swooping In

Seasons Fly

Christen Your Wings

Corner of an Old Photograph

Monday, March 10, 2008

Twist of Fire and Feathers Flaming

Flight into the Unknown


This art was my first posting. I added the dreamku below on April 23, 2008, turning it into a Haiga-like image that I put up for viewing once again.

asleep and unmasked
I fly through layers of dreams
shadows of the moon

I may use it in the Haiga form as my front page from time to time, because I like to greet my viewers with an image--not just a lot of text. The image is a composite that started from a photograph that I took of half a mask and the shadow of me holding that mask ... all one image. Then I added an old photo of myself highly morphed. It was fun and is very symbolic for me. It looks rather like a moonlit image and a bit patchy also, so I thought it fit right into this blog theme. It might make a good cover for a dreamku chapbook.

Thanks for taking a look.