Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Paul McCartney Dream Trip

I had written several chapters in my book with a thread running through them about Beatle music, it having been an important part of my life in my younger years. I found --through submitting chapters to Internet Writers Workshop (IWW)-- those lyrics could cause big copyright problems, so I must rewrite those chapters. I can use a few song titles because titles can't be copy righted. I will have to do some more research. I gained a lot of fodder to help tie up and end my book from this recent trip. I will explain a little as I add a few images from my August 19th 2009 dream-come-true trip to see Paul McCartney.

Front of the Program

I have used pictures I took of the program to substitute for pictures which I was not allowed to take in the concert and to introduce and end this photo essay. Here, I will plug the Beatles Rock Band game that is similar to Guitar Hero so maybe I won't be forced to take these images down. It just wasn't complete without some Paul pictures when the whole adventure centered on him.

Fab Four-Sgt. Peper Girl Overboard

The Golden Legged Girls

August 19, 1965 and 2009

As youths we four girls went to see the "Beatles" on another August 19th in 1965. We have remained friends although not as close as we would like. God winked at us, and we were placed in a position to re-live this adventure to see "the" Beatle. Forty-four years later, on August 18th, we met and had a senior slumber party, and we kind of went wild and returned to our teen selves. We talked about old times, acted silly, went for a swim and then crashed.

Fab Four Together-Posing for Rare Photos

The next morning we got ready for our fast and flashy trip to Dallas from Houston. We had four limousine rides and two plane trips within 36 hours... not to mention we saw Paul freakin McCartney! None of us are rich; like I said, God winked at us. It was a gift

Stretching in Front of the Stretch

Lowering to Land in Dallas

Ready to see Paul- Where is that Limo?

Paul was Fantastic-We Danced the Night Away

Another Quick Trip-Home From Oz

Our Last Toast to Oz in the Limo

The End of our Trip Trip Over the Rainbow

I have many more photos and much more story on Facebook if you are interested and you are a friend. If I know you, just ask, I'll be your friend. The captions on the images there, in my Paul McCartney album, tell almost the whole adventure, and I am sure most of it will be in my book.