Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Waves of Independence

I Will Speak

"You are free to disagree
because our boys fight for that right!"
You have all but spat this at me.
Are you saying only those who agree should speak ...
that being against the war dishonors our soldiers?

The prisoner in a four foot square cage
rambles where his mind takes him ...
places ...
he doesn't want to go,
as a buddy falls in slow motion,
he feels the gun barrel
jammed into his own sweaty neck ...
places ...
he thinks he may never be again,
with steaming turkey and silverware chimes,
cool starlit nights and Christmas Eve wine.

He remembers ... where he came from ...
the mightiest nation on earth ... yet not perfect.
He thinks about honor ... courage
freedom of choice and speech,
wonders what he did to be trapped.
Free only in thought,
he keeps quiet, and dreams of running.

To give our thoughts voice,
disagree with our government,
is the gift our soldiers give to us.
Would you have everyone--not of like mind
throw this liberty away,
leave us all in a cage unable to change?
I will speak,
try to undo what injustice I see,
use the freedom bought at such a high price
to honor them ... our men ... our women ... our soldiers
otherwise their sacrifice means nothing.