Sunday, November 22, 2009

Witchy Woman

This group of prose and images will take up a few blog pages, but since I've only been posting every-other-month that shouldn't bother my visitors. Read to the last entry dated on this day--the poem Beautiful Branches--and the story will be told. I will say that the images are a part of a new art series named "Witchy Women," except for this first one. It has actually been used several times beginning this summer in real ads on eBay.

Faintly Relaxing


Hurricane Ike Wand Chant

Mighty wind through branches broken
left behind a precious token.

A creation from the hurricane
will shield me from the wind and rain.

When life brings another storm
I’ll chant a prayer to lock out harm.

Stroke the wand, dispel my fear.
Let no danger come near here.


MiddleAge Pointing

Magic Wand For Sale

eBay Add: Handmade Nature-Shaped Storm-Wood Magic Wand Seeks Owner

The tree called out to me for about nine months before I responded-- both the live Crepe Myrtle and the dead branches that were ripped off.

Long after the drama and trauma of Hurricane Ike, I kept thinking how beautiful the branches were of the flowering tree that chased me off my porch during the storm. I was trying to get my 'outside' dog to come inside and I sat on the porch cajoling him. The storm was about at its peak, and I had to sit in the chair to keep it from flying away. Soon branches of this large beautiful tree were spinning toward us and across the open porch. When that happened... my dog decided to follow me inside. Quickly and without much encouragement.

Months later, while searching the Internet for Val Kilmer movies, I came across an image of the fairy wand used in the film “Willow.” I admired the lovely contours of the little branch, and somewhere in the back of my mind it reminded me of some of the shapes in the broken crepe myrtle limbs. For months these limbs were piled in stacks around my house, in the country, and on occasion they were put on bonfires, but I felt a pull to do something with them. I kept trimming and sorting and thinking. Then during one cleansing fire, it hit me. All those piles of branches were piles of wands and staffs calling out to be given new life even though the flow of sap had been quelled. Their energy was still strong and their wood seasoned.

I'm somewhat psychic and believe in magic, although I am not a witch. Not unless it is a birth right and not a choice. It is my understanding that it is a religion that is chosen, not a condition one is born with, although I've often felt very witchy. It seems to be in my blood, a sensitivity to the earth and all her blessings.

I have, now, smoothed, sanded and oiled many wands. Answering their call to be reborn into the realm of directing magic, I gave them a kind of baptism, letting their magic free, instead of remaining bound up inside deadwood. I have helped anchor them to the core of this planet and crown them in the infinite universe. They are waiting to be found and the process continued-- to find the person meant for them.

Celtic lore is infused with tree mythology. I only recently began to look into the rich history of ancient beliefs relating to curing the sick, increasing fertility, cleansing the spirit, divination, enhancing psychic powers. Different parts of the tree being used in all manner of medicine and ritual. My intuition about these wands is they are protectors and want to encourage action toward well being and balance. I believe that each wand will find its owner, but I have been chosen to help.

No harm will come. No harm will be done.

© Vera Charline Wareham

WhiteHair ThirdEye Crossing

I need to choose between these two images for the series. On the one hand I like the vivid colors because the images become clearer and sharper as the woman ages. But... on the other hand, I like the more subdued and fading image of one crossing into another world. The softer colors seem to "go better" with the other images also, but that is not the main thing. I need some help. Leave me a comment.

Beautiful Branches


the storm
a gift
was born
a broken limb
a twitch
a hitch
a blessing
to me,
the witch
who didn't know
she was one

growing from
fertile soil
in my front yard
a spirit tree
touched my soul
as if to be

for my protector

its own
with embers of
soaked in the rain
of hurricane
cracking firewood
sang out to me
to be
a majick wand

June 14, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Paul McCartney Dream Trip

I had written several chapters in my book with a thread running through them about Beatle music, it having been an important part of my life in my younger years. I found --through submitting chapters to Internet Writers Workshop (IWW)-- those lyrics could cause big copyright problems, so I must rewrite those chapters. I can use a few song titles because titles can't be copy righted. I will have to do some more research. I gained a lot of fodder to help tie up and end my book from this recent trip. I will explain a little as I add a few images from my August 19th 2009 dream-come-true trip to see Paul McCartney.

Front of the Program

I have used pictures I took of the program to substitute for pictures which I was not allowed to take in the concert and to introduce and end this photo essay. Here, I will plug the Beatles Rock Band game that is similar to Guitar Hero so maybe I won't be forced to take these images down. It just wasn't complete without some Paul pictures when the whole adventure centered on him.

Fab Four-Sgt. Peper Girl Overboard

The Golden Legged Girls

August 19, 1965 and 2009

As youths we four girls went to see the "Beatles" on another August 19th in 1965. We have remained friends although not as close as we would like. God winked at us, and we were placed in a position to re-live this adventure to see "the" Beatle. Forty-four years later, on August 18th, we met and had a senior slumber party, and we kind of went wild and returned to our teen selves. We talked about old times, acted silly, went for a swim and then crashed.

Fab Four Together-Posing for Rare Photos

The next morning we got ready for our fast and flashy trip to Dallas from Houston. We had four limousine rides and two plane trips within 36 hours... not to mention we saw Paul freakin McCartney! None of us are rich; like I said, God winked at us. It was a gift

Stretching in Front of the Stretch

Lowering to Land in Dallas

Ready to see Paul- Where is that Limo?

Paul was Fantastic-We Danced the Night Away

Another Quick Trip-Home From Oz

Our Last Toast to Oz in the Limo

The End of our Trip Trip Over the Rainbow

I have many more photos and much more story on Facebook if you are interested and you are a friend. If I know you, just ask, I'll be your friend. The captions on the images there, in my Paul McCartney album, tell almost the whole adventure, and I am sure most of it will be in my book.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Waves of Independence

I Will Speak

"You are free to disagree
because our boys fight for that right!"
You have all but spat this at me.
Are you saying only those who agree should speak ...
that being against the war dishonors our soldiers?

The prisoner in a four foot square cage
rambles where his mind takes him ...
places ...
he doesn't want to go,
as a buddy falls in slow motion,
he feels the gun barrel
jammed into his own sweaty neck ...
places ...
he thinks he may never be again,
with steaming turkey and silverware chimes,
cool starlit nights and Christmas Eve wine.

He remembers ... where he came from ...
the mightiest nation on earth ... yet not perfect.
He thinks about honor ... courage
freedom of choice and speech,
wonders what he did to be trapped.
Free only in thought,
he keeps quiet, and dreams of running.

To give our thoughts voice,
disagree with our government,
is the gift our soldiers give to us.
Would you have everyone--not of like mind
throw this liberty away,
leave us all in a cage unable to change?
I will speak,
try to undo what injustice I see,
use the freedom bought at such a high price
to honor them ... our men ... our women ... our soldiers
otherwise their sacrifice means nothing.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Flowers

bone turns to soil
earth feeds the flower
beautiful cycles

Saturday, April 25, 2009


This photo is me as the fool a few years back. Actually... in my balloon delivery business... I called this character Jessie the Jester. Of course a jester is a fool, and the number 0 is my favorite card in the Tarot. It suits me don't you think, "The Fool"? The image was manipulated with Photoshop filters to make it look more like a painting. Many old friends have seen this photo before and it resides on my web site Through My Window with a slightly different version of the poem. I could use some help on this verse. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to critiques. I like the internal rhyme, but something doesn't seem quite right with it as a whole. Could be the tense... could be just a word or two that still need changed.

Say Cheese

Seeing a being needing some freeing
From a saddened thought that was never sought

I borrow a frown from a bluish clown
Try hard to coerce the lips to reverse

Mark it the target to take a good hit
Contagious, I send the grand healing grin

Learning to turn a face scowled with concern
Into a sequence of wrinkles that beam

Beguile for a while with a painted smile
Planning that after, will bloom true laughter


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eye to Eye with Jack

I just can't seem to get into a groove with my book. I have spent a great deal of time lately on my older art... formatting it for the "Art Message Cards" that I am creating for my site on YouPublish. Of course "Patchwork Faces of the Moon" is always in the back of my mind mulling around and picking up inspiration from some of my more psychic dreams. They have picked up again.

As does much of my other art, this "Solar Animal Series" has a very other-worldly or dream-world look to it. I decided to post some larger animal images at YouPublish which folks can print themselves. Most of the cards are only $2.00 a download. Some are free. I also have some free photographic art images for this "Solar Animal Series." I noted my favorite online service with each image.

This photo was taken at an exotic animal reserve near Kampwood Texas. The subject's name is Jack, and his girlfriend's name is Jill. I think he was trying to make her jealous, because he was really flirting with me that day. He kept dipping his head down so that I could touch him. A giraffe's head is ... really ... big. Anyway... This file can be purchased and downloaded from my new site at YouPublish.

I am enjoying working again with my art, but feel a grinding expectation in my heart to get back into the progression of my book. I'm just trying to make a little money and art as I go. I will probably add the "Redbird Series" to the cards soon and maybe even make some cards from the "Solar Animals" too. Right now, they are just offered in the more expensive downloads.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I can't believe that it is the middle of February, and I didn't even make a post in January. I guess I remembered the New Years Haiga as being done in that month. I have been creating more Art Message Cards for my account at YouPublish. This is a more unusual one. I have a lot of sweet and funny cards that could be all occasion. Several are FREE. Check it out. I will add a link in the side bar, but here is the address. VCW's Original Art Message Cards-