Saturday, April 25, 2009


This photo is me as the fool a few years back. Actually... in my balloon delivery business... I called this character Jessie the Jester. Of course a jester is a fool, and the number 0 is my favorite card in the Tarot. It suits me don't you think, "The Fool"? The image was manipulated with Photoshop filters to make it look more like a painting. Many old friends have seen this photo before and it resides on my web site Through My Window with a slightly different version of the poem. I could use some help on this verse. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to critiques. I like the internal rhyme, but something doesn't seem quite right with it as a whole. Could be the tense... could be just a word or two that still need changed.

Say Cheese

Seeing a being needing some freeing
From a saddened thought that was never sought

I borrow a frown from a bluish clown
Try hard to coerce the lips to reverse

Mark it the target to take a good hit
Contagious, I send the grand healing grin

Learning to turn a face scowled with concern
Into a sequence of wrinkles that beam

Beguile for a while with a painted smile
Planning that after, will bloom true laughter