Sunday, November 22, 2009

Magic Wand For Sale

eBay Add: Handmade Nature-Shaped Storm-Wood Magic Wand Seeks Owner

The tree called out to me for about nine months before I responded-- both the live Crepe Myrtle and the dead branches that were ripped off.

Long after the drama and trauma of Hurricane Ike, I kept thinking how beautiful the branches were of the flowering tree that chased me off my porch during the storm. I was trying to get my 'outside' dog to come inside and I sat on the porch cajoling him. The storm was about at its peak, and I had to sit in the chair to keep it from flying away. Soon branches of this large beautiful tree were spinning toward us and across the open porch. When that happened... my dog decided to follow me inside. Quickly and without much encouragement.

Months later, while searching the Internet for Val Kilmer movies, I came across an image of the fairy wand used in the film “Willow.” I admired the lovely contours of the little branch, and somewhere in the back of my mind it reminded me of some of the shapes in the broken crepe myrtle limbs. For months these limbs were piled in stacks around my house, in the country, and on occasion they were put on bonfires, but I felt a pull to do something with them. I kept trimming and sorting and thinking. Then during one cleansing fire, it hit me. All those piles of branches were piles of wands and staffs calling out to be given new life even though the flow of sap had been quelled. Their energy was still strong and their wood seasoned.

I'm somewhat psychic and believe in magic, although I am not a witch. Not unless it is a birth right and not a choice. It is my understanding that it is a religion that is chosen, not a condition one is born with, although I've often felt very witchy. It seems to be in my blood, a sensitivity to the earth and all her blessings.

I have, now, smoothed, sanded and oiled many wands. Answering their call to be reborn into the realm of directing magic, I gave them a kind of baptism, letting their magic free, instead of remaining bound up inside deadwood. I have helped anchor them to the core of this planet and crown them in the infinite universe. They are waiting to be found and the process continued-- to find the person meant for them.

Celtic lore is infused with tree mythology. I only recently began to look into the rich history of ancient beliefs relating to curing the sick, increasing fertility, cleansing the spirit, divination, enhancing psychic powers. Different parts of the tree being used in all manner of medicine and ritual. My intuition about these wands is they are protectors and want to encourage action toward well being and balance. I believe that each wand will find its owner, but I have been chosen to help.

No harm will come. No harm will be done.

© Vera Charline Wareham


nereid said...

I have been wondering about acquiring a wand for some time now ... and was led to your post here on Patchwork Faces of the Moon

How I came to find this page ... I am looking for artwork to adorn the front cover of a poetry anthology I am self-publishing ... the title of the book is Patchwork Moon ~ referencing my patchwork quilt of life so far ...

so ... I enquire about a wand and an artwork ... how would I go about finding either or both from you, Dear Soul?

VCW said...

Sorry it has taken so long to respond, but I have no Internet access at my home anymore. You may email me at with any questions. I still have some wands if you are still in the market. Depending on the art you would like to use, most likely I would be happy to see it on the cover of magazine. At this time, all I would want in payment would be a couple of copies of the mag. The credits would be good for me. I have several other sites with art.